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Global Oncology preclinical
DRUG Intelligence


Intelligence Report to Cover 1200+ Preclinical Stage Companies

Released MAy 2022


Oncology Pre Clinical Stage Drug Companies

First of its kind Report to provide Complete Insights on Early Stage Drug Discovery and Provides Insights on 1200 Active, well-funded Oncology Preclinical Stage Companies, developing over 1400+ New Drug Molecules.

Report Covers All Insights on Early Stage Cancer Drug Intelligence


Specially designed to identify active early stage researchers, with new ideas capable of changing the face of drug discovery. It covers entrepreneurs established in last few years with valid funding and clear demarked pipeline and covers Individual’s Technology, Management, Funding and Partnering capabilities.

Report covers largest set of authentic early stage oncology drug developers worldwide with early stage molecules available for partnering and is a perfect tool to identify new partnering leads.

largest coverage Guranteed

providing intelligence at fingertips

33 Countries Oncology Drug Developers Covered
Drug developers

1200 Preclinical Stage Oncology Companies Profiled 

Molecules in Development
1 +

Individual Drug Mechanism of Action & Drug Target

Cancer Targets
1 +

Covers complete Emerging Cancer Drug Targets Details with Numerous Technologies

intelligence supercharged

853 pages full of Insights

Prebuild Intelligence

identify Emerging Technologies and Molecules

  • Small Molecule : Kinase Inhibitors. (122 Preclinical Stage Companies)
  • Small Molecule : Proteolysis Targeting Chimera (PROTACs). (29 Preclinical Stage Companies)
  • Small Molecule : RNA Targeting Therapeutics. (43 Preclinical Stage Companies)
  • Nanoparticles/Nanotechnology based Cancer Targeting Drugs. (61 Preclinical Stage Companies)
  • Cellular Therapy: T Cell/CAR-T/CAR-NK & other Cell based Therapies. (125 Preclinical Stage Companies)
  • Oncolytic Viruses pipeline in Early Stage Development. (35 Preclinical Stage Companies)
  • Monoclonal Antibodies pipeline in Early Stage Development. (162 Preclinical Stage Companies)
  • Bi-Specific & Multi Specific Antibodies pipeline in Early Stage Development.(66 Preclinical Stage Companies)
  • Antibody Drug Conjugates pipeline in Early Stage Development. (62 Preclinical Stage Companies)
  • Cancer Vaccines pipeline in Early Stage Development. (80 Preclinical Stage Companies)
  • Exosome & Microvesicles based Cancer Targeting Drugs. (17 Preclinical Stage Companies)
  • Microbiome based Cancer Targeting Drugs. (15 Preclinical Stage Companies)
  • Knowledge Multiplier

    Better Than Others

    Preclinical Oncology Drug Intelligence 2022
    Other Intelligence Sources
    Pre-Clinical Stage Oncology Drug Developers
    1200 Active Companies
    (Well Funded with clear defined early stage Pipeline)
    400-600 Companies
    (with many inactive and other domain companies)
    Worldwide Coverage
    33 Countries Included
    (53% USA, 28% Europe, 14% Asia and 5% ROW)
    Mainly United States and Europe Covered
    Oncology Drugs in Development
    1400+ Onco Targeting Drugs in Active Development
    (1400+ Preclinical Stage Drugs, with their Targets and mechanism of Action)
    250 – 400 Onco Early Stage Drugs
    (mainly includes Clinical Stage molecules in development)
    Bio-Partnering Details
    600+ Oncology Deals complete details.
    (Complete coverage on Oncology focused Deals, Funding & Partnering Activities, since company’s incorporation)
    Limited to Database / Resource Subscribed to.
    (Also it may require mapping of events between two or more different resources and filtering Onco Linked Deals).
    Single Step Connect
    Over 2000+ Key Decision Makers in 1200 Companies
    with valid emails and LinkedIn Accounts Links for one click contact. (Further CRMS Development Support is also available)
    No Customized Solution Available in Market
    (Needs months of hard team work to prepare authentic business development tool.

    Free Further Customization on This Report

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    Over 350+ Companies