In past 10 years, world changed a lot, esp. in terms of bio-innovators valuations. No body noticed but this is a fact that between 2010-2019 more then 100+ Biotechnology Startups cross Billion Dollar valuations, much more than Software/IT companies Startups formed during the same time interval.

This study only includes companies formed after 2010; means startup crossing billion dollar within last 10 years, since its incorporation. And yes you read right their are more than 100+ biotech drug developers, which crossed billion dollar mark. Kindly remember, I am only considering Drug Discovery Biotech Startups, as we keep eye only on them, their may be many more considering other biotechnology sub-domain.

For making things simple, I divided this long article in 4 equal length articles, and all shall be published by Jan 2020, with each coming at every weekend.

In First Article, we herein discussed Listed Biotech Startups with over Billion Dollar Valuations. At present, worldwide their are 30 Biotechnology Startups, which formed after 2010 had managed to cross billion dollar mark, these altogether values roughly $90 billion USD in total. BeiGene occupies top position, with Chinese companies occupying nearly 30% valuation in billion dollar startup club companies.

In Next Articles, we will discuss Biotech Startups acquired over billion dollar valuations and current private biotech drug developers with over a billion dollar valuations. We will also try to summarize the complete market size valuation of drug developer biotech companies worldwide counting both Listed and Non-Listed.


Now Counting One by One, Listed Biotech Worldwide –



BeiGene, Ltd.

Description: BeiGene, Ltd., is a commercial-stage biotechnology company, developing targeted immuno-oncology drugs for the treatment of cancer. The company is in active collaborations with Celgene Corporation, Merck KGaA, Mirati Therapeutics, Inc., Zymeworks, BioAtla, LLC, and Ambrx, Inc.

Industry: Biotechnology
Founded Year : 2010
Headquarter : Beijing, People’s Republic of China

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